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HandySmith hard at work.
HandySmith LLC is locally owned and operated in Brighton Colorado by Wade Smith.  He is a 5th generation Brightonian who is dedicated to customer service and high quality work.​

Whether your project is as big as painting the entire interior of your home or as small as installing a new ceiling fan, HandySmith can handle the job.  The variety of work is what makes the work fun.  Have honey do list that isn't getting shorter?  At HandySmith we love the lists.  Make a list and book for the day, or call to get just a few things knocked off the list.  But wait, don't forget that the big projects can be handled by HandySmith too.



Wade, owner of HandySmith, has been handy for quite some time.  At the age of three he started taking knobs off the kitchen cabinets while mom wasn’t watching.  From there he spent lots of time with his grandfather, a fugal wheat farmer east of Brighton, who fixed everything on his own.  It is rumored that his grandfather never called a service man.  Wade spent lots of time going to the Mile High Flea Market with his grandfather, buying lots of junk and rebuilding it all into working stuff.  The time in his grandfather's shop created a passion for tinkering and finding out how things work. 


As time progressed, Wade moved to bigger jobs, one was working for Colorado State University.  While a student, he spent his summers working for the Maintenance Department at CSU’s Lory Student Center.  Here he worked with master carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.  Not only was he given the task of keeping the student center in working order, but he worked with the maintenance team to gut and remodel 1000 square feet of office space.  The job included everything from demo to framing, drywall, paint, electrical, phone, data, hanging doors, and trim work. 


After graduating with a degree in Business Marketing Wade continued to work in the construction industry, but on the other side of the fence.  He worked for one of the nation’s leading industrial  and construction supply companies.  Starting in the Longmont office, he quickly worked up to an assistant manager position at the Loveland location.  While the job paid the bills, he still had a passion for one thing, DECA. 


DECA is an organization of high school students enrolled in business marketing classes.  The Brighton High School DECA program helped to shape Wade’s life, especially his ability to sell and operate a business.  He was given the opportunity to return to school to receive a Masters in Education and then teach with two of his mentors, who also happened to be his marketing teaching in high school.  It was a great time.  Many students saw success in DECA competitions, the school store saw drastic increases in profits, and customers at the football games where finally happy with the service at the concession stand, all because of great marketing students and Wade’s teaching and leadership. 


After nine years in education, it was time for another change.  This is when HandySmith was started.  Now many would question how a teacher could be a great handyman.  Well, what hasn’t been told is his summer jobs.  Like many teachers, Wade picked up summer jobs to make some extra cash.  He worked for his friend who owned a paint company for several summers, completing work all the way from painting interiors to pressure washing deck and fences.  When not working for his friend he was at the family ranch in Elizabeth.  There he built fence, cattle guards, cut down trees, and maintained the farm equipment.  And lets not forget all the family he helped in the summer.  Staining fences, repairing RVs, installing shelving, yard maintenance, sprinkler repairs, just to list a few.    


Education has continued to be a big part of Wade’s life.  He returned to Aims and Front Range Community Colleges to enroll in welding classes.  It was not needed for his career, but he had a passion and desire to learn more, and welding struck his interest.  Now the welding skills have come in handy while building custom window well covers and doing other welding repairs.

Besides learn, Wade also give back to the system that taught him.  He spends many days each year working with DECA members at Brighton High School.  Whether it be as a guest speaker, helping prepare students for competition, or to give the advisors a business persons perspective, Brighton DECA can count on Wade.


Besides giving back to the schools, Wade also give back to the community through volunteering for the National Western Stock Show.  Many do not realize that the NWSS is a nonprofit who, among other things, supports local students in the pursuit of their agricultural related studies.  Wade has the pleasure of working with over 150 volunteers that work in the Information booths at the stock show.  In January, it is not uncommon to find him at the NWSS assisting guests and volunteers.


Now that you’ve heard Wade’s story, let him be a part of yours.  Call to discuss your project, dreams, and aspirations for your home.  Wade would love nothing more than to help be a part of your story, and help make your home the home you want it to be.  Visit the Contact page and drop him a line or stop by his Facebook page.  Either way, HandySmith will be there to help you.

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