$$$ How Much $$$

Up to 4 Zones - $35
5 Zones - $40
6 Zones - $45
7 Zones - $50

8 Zones - $55
9 Zones - $60
10 or more Zones - $65

Where do you service?

HandySmith's sprinkler blowout services are only offered to residents within the city limits of Brighton and Lochbuie.  A $50 destination fee will be added to all blowout services that are not located with in Brighton city limits or Lochbuie city limits.

Do I need to be Home?

Blowout service does require access to your home to turn off the sprinkler water supply, drain the supply line, to cycle through zones using your timer, as well as to turn off the sprinkler timer.  Please ensure that someone will be home at the time that you schedule your appointment so these parts of the service can be preformed.

When should I blow out my sprinklers?

The average date of the first hard freeze is Oct 14th.  Sometimes it is earlier, sometimes later.  Another good measure is when your grass doesn't need mowed weekly.  If you haven't mowed your grass in a while, it is not growing.  If it is not growing, it doesn't need water and is settling into it's dormant state.  Note that the City of Brighton Prohibits irrigation from Nov 1st to March 31st... It's a water conservation thing.

It going to Freeze!
I Haven't blown out my sprinklers yet.
What do I do!?!

Quick freezes will not damage the lines buried in the ground.  It must be well below freezing for several hours to affect your buried lines.  Your backflow preventer (that thing on the side of the house) could be damaged by a quick freeze.  No worries if you haven't blown them out or there is no immediate openings, just follow these steps:

1) Shut off the water to your sprinklers in the basement or crawl space.

2) Drain the backflow preventer.  Use a flat screwdriver to open the two valves on the backflow preventer.  Some water might come out.  

3) Insulate.  Wrap the back flow preventer with a towel, blanket, coat, comforter, something that will insulate it.  Then cover with a trash bag.  Remember that a dry coat is warmer than a wet coat, so don't forget to cover it with a trash bag

4) Schedule your blowout service as soon as you can.